How I built a 5 figure residual income in 30 days.

How I built a 5 figure residual income in 30 days.

I want to talk to you guys about the five reasons that you need to partner with MWR our financial and the extra digit movement. It’s very, very simple: we’re group professionals, we’re group of students, we’re a group of single moms and single dads, we’re group of college-educated.

Some high school educated, some not educated at all, but either way, if you want to take your finances to the next level and live in this country of ours and live abundantly with freedom, options and choices. This is the article for you now. That’s Expedition MW, our financial represents making well real financial, that’s right. We make wealth real for you, and there are five reasons I feel like. This is the number one opportunity on the planet for you and your family to get their finances in order.

Isn’t it time? Let’s break down one today we have the largest guess: what market Brian? What do you mean? We have the largest market well in business. You don’t want to play small right. I want you guys to think about it. How is it that in the wealthiest country in the world, so many Americans are struggling financially all the abundance, all the freedoms, all the options and choices that this United States of America is supposed to bring and 80 percent of the population in this country is not Satisfied with their incomes, not only are they not satisfied, because what the solutions are slim to none.

Most Americans depend on the US federal government or their job to get them out of financial trouble where here’s the problem, which is why our making wealth, real financial solutions create a huge opportunity for you. The challenge is: this: government does not have enough money to solve the problems that are being caused by their own room. Brian one of those rules well thinks about it.


In this country we send everybody to get a job. Well, if everybody’s getting a job, the job has the highest tax toll on the w2, so people pay the most taxes. Well, the problem is people, don’t have enough money because they’re over paying their taxes and because they’re paying their taxes, they can’t save for the future. So that’s why 80 % of the population is struggling and the government can’t give those guys a solution, because what the solution is taxes where they’re trying to get taxes from people who have no money? Well, if the largest bank account in the world does not have the money, which is the US, Treasury and they’re, getting the taxes from people who don’t have any money, how are they going to fix the problem? Then you have technology, that’s also shipping jobs overseas.

So if jobs are leaving the United States and the internet is making people work using technology or work from home, then there’s no longer an opportunity to create the social and security because the government is broke. So 80 % of the population literally struggles financially and look. They look for a solution from a government that looks for a solution from them. This is a lose-lose situation. Now guess what jobs are no longer paying pensions? Why? Because, like we stated, jobs are being shipped overseas? Technology is really big now, so people aren’t working on the same job as long as they used to you see a long time ago.

Your grandfather, your grandmother, worked for GM or, for example, the Ford plant. I say that because I have roots up in Michigan and you would stay there – 10, 20, 30, 40 years and the job would take care of you for the rest of your life. Well, guess what people aren’t working on jobs that long anymore? So we have a solution: making work grow financial can help. You supplement the income that the pension which no longer exists used to give you.

So if two of the largest entities in the world no longer work, that is the federal government with social insecurity, and that is your jobs with pensions that no longer exists. The only thing you can do is make wealth real for your self. So the answer is simple tons of people in this country who live in this market, which is the largest one in the world who are unhappy with the income? Guess what we can help? You shift your mindset so that you can get the income that you do in fact deserve we’ll come back with four more reasons that MWR financial and the extra digit movement is the best opportunity on the planet.



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