FASTEST Way to Make Money on Youtube for Free (No Ads)

FASTEST Way to Make Money on Youtube for Free (No Ads)

You can’t make money on YouTube, guess what I’ve proved them wrong. I know exactly how we’re making money in 2020 on YouTube and I’m about to show you how you can hey what’s up Anthony Morrison here – and I am super super excited to bring you yet another training article this time on how you can make money on youtube in 2020.  Look it’s 2020! If you’re not making money on youtube and you’re in the internet marketing business, you need to start making money.

Okay! Now here’s the thing! A lot of people think that the way we make money on YouTube is just through ads, in-stream ads, meaning you’re reading my article and a few seconds in it stops and it plays an ad from another company. This is YouTube and Google generating eyeballs for advertisers. While we generate content right – and the thing is that is not the most profitable way to utilize YouTube?

I’ll, never forget.

When i was probably in my early 20s i used to do this with domain names. People would have domain names that would get traffic much like YouTube articles get traffic and those people would put ads on them from Google. Much like YouTube runs ads from Google on the articles and people they would make money with it right so, like people would always be making money from the ads, but I used to think about it.

I bet you there’s more money to be made than the money that’s being made with those ads, because you got to think about it, somebody’s paying for that ad to be there and, if they’re paying for that ad to be there, then they’ve got to be making more money once they pay for that click right, and so I started looking at what’s the most profitable thing that I could do, and I found that the most profitable thing was affiliate marketing.

I could take all that traffic and instead of just getting paid a little bit of money to let an ad show up, I could make a lot more money as an affiliate promoting a specific product, company or service or whatever you want to call it. On my either my youtube blog or on those domain names, in one specific case, I took a domain name that just was getting traffic again, just like a YouTube blog and I made  I literally went.

I think it’s 32 times I made 32 times more money off of it by simply putting an affiliate link on it instead of ads right, that’s a ton of money. So how do you make money with YouTube? It’s very, very simple! Okay, number one! What we’re going to do is we’re going to go to my computer and I’m going to show you real, quick, alright, so, let’s pop down on the computer so number one. First and foremost, you want to pick a topic.

Okay, what are you going to talk about? What is your YouTube blog going to be about? What kind of articles are you going to produce? What are these articles going to teach people share with people? You know you have to know what that topic is. Okay, that you’re going to you know create content around. Alright, once you pick a topic, you then need to find an offer. Okay and these kind of go hand in hand these two things they they are both essential.

Okay, if I find an offer, I mean what type of affiliate program can you use? Okay to generate money, because once we’ve got our topic chosen, that kind of dictates what we can then promote on our blog. If your topic is about stock, investing you can find offers affiliate offers about stock, investing side note: you can use Clickbank to find offers. Okay, so Clickbank calm can help. You find a lot of different offers that you can promote okay in a lot of different categories and niches.

So we pick a topic. We find an offer if no offer exists. Okay, so it’s kind of like this. If no good offers exist, okay, repeat: step 1. Okay, so that means, if there are no good offers, come back up here, pick a different topic. So one of the things that we teach people is it doesn’t matter how much you love a specific topic. If there’s no way for you to monetize it no way for you to make money from it, then it’s really pointless: okay, unless you’re just doing it for fun, but if you’re doing this and your overall goal.

Okay, if your goal is money alright, well, then you’ve got to make sure that your topic allows you to an offer to promote that can help. You actually truly make money, because again ads are not going to be the most profitable thing that you can, that you can possibly run on a YouTube blog, especially one. That’s around a topic or a niche. That does have a lot of good affiliate offers or offers in general for it.

So some of the topics that work really well. Ok, stock, investing! Ok! These do really really well Fitness. Ok, these do super well. Health, ok, does really well wellness. You know you’ll, probably see a lot of people that people will try to blend those together, but they’re they’re really not the same thing. Personal development works really well affiliate marketing is huge, so lots and lots of people are looking to learn affiliate marketing on here.

Shopify. Ok, Amazon, like any kind of training articles talking about these types of things, huge relationships; ok, alright! So, in other words, relationship advice: how do you know towards men or women or whatnot like these? Are some of the? These are some great topics right here right because they’re great topics, because there are a lot of offers, affiliate offers that are available. And if you look, you can see like right in here.

We have an offer called partner with Anthony and you’ll, find that there are. If you look right below this article, there are tons and tons of people that are using partner with Anthony so right below the article. There is a link, and you can see that one of the ways that people are making money on YouTube is by promoting our partner with Anthony program by simply just doing, reviews and you’ll notice.

That I mean even these ones. That say, like number one scam artist like he’s promoting partner with Anthony this is called click bait right, you know, am I a scam artist or am I the real deal? Yeah? I think if you asked me I’d probably say I’m the real deal, but you could check out his article after that fifty six minute article, he tells you I’m the real deal and you should join partner with Anthony, but anyway I digress back to the screen.

Ok, so you can see people saying I made sales all this stuff. Well guess what anytime? You click on any of these articles and you’re reading a article of content here: ok, you’ll notice that there’s links below those articles. That is how these people are making money. He’s making money not from ads but by promoting our program, because our program is more profitable as an affiliate, then ads are and that’s the reason why, when you look at these things, you see tons and tons and tons of people like even this guy.

Thirty. Five hundred views right, he is what I want to make sure that we have to let this go through hold on one second, one, two, three, all right, all right, so he’s doing a kind of a show in his car right look to get all his bonuses Join partner with Anthony right here, you can see he’s joined, he’s promoting the partner with Anthony program. So what’s happening is: is people are finding good affiliate programs and they’re promoting them by simply creating content? Talking about those programs? Super super simple, most profitable thing.

You can be doing on YouTube right now. Is that exact thing if you’d like to check out the partner with Anthony program, the very one that you’ll see hundreds, maybe thousands of people doing reviews on YouTube for there’s a link right below it, allows you to partner with me and actually teach you more in-depth? How you can do this, how you can do positive reviews on programs and things that you like software, that you use places that you go and you can do simple reviews put them on YouTube and, as they sit over time, they generate more and more and more Traffic, so you might put a article up and it only gets a hundred views, but after a year that might be at a thousand views well put up a hundred articles.

What do you add a hundred thousand views and now, if you’re, turning those views into people that click and those clickers into sales and those sales in to commissions you’re, making more and more and more money right? So it’s a long-term game with YouTube. It works really really well. This is what you need to be doing, create, find a topic, then make sure there’s an offer that actually matches that topic and then simply just post your content right, it’s very, very simple step: three is post content right, post articles each and every day and try To be, you know very systematic with it like we, we post articles on our YouTube blog, basically Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every single week.

So people begin to come back. They begin to know all right. If I show up on Tuesday I’m going to learn affiliate marketing, if I show up on Wednesday, I learn digital marketing. You know people come back for more and if you’re consistent with it YouTube rewards, you and people reward you by continuing to show up so hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this article. It’s taught you a little bit about how we’re making money on YouTube and how you can make money on YouTube.

If you’d like to partner with me – and let me help you Go here now  to learn more about  our partner with Anthony program.   I’ll show you exactly how this is done.

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