Tired of Paying Fees for Your Website, Blog or eCommerce Store?

Tired of Paying Fees for Your Website, Blog or eCommerce Store?


Is it really true that there is a legitimate web hosting provider that actually offers customers a lifetime hosting plan that is available for a lifetime minimum fee as low as $ 67.00? The short answer is yes! Lifetime.Hosting, a web hosting solution, offering both small business owners and individuals looking for an affordable, lifetime web hosting plan for as low as $ 67.00. The web host offers everything a website owners need  to support a small business businesses as well as their personal web sites.

Lifetime.Hosting’s primary goal is to eliminate monthly or annual web hosting fees; thus eliminating the need for online businesses to pay  recurring monthly fees; focusing ultimately on company revenue rather than recurring web hosting payments. In addition, Lifetime.Hosting is proud to lead the industry in setting new standards when it comes to setting new standards for the success of the small business enterprise.

What’s Included in the Lifetime.Hosting Plan?
Although many skeptics may believe that this trick means that the amount of services are compromised when it comes to securing web hosting services, however, this is not the case with the lifetime.hosting plans. Customers enjoy a domain name, unlimited bandwidth, 10,000 MB (10 GB) of disk space, Pop mail accounts, web-based business class email accounts, automatic response, free domain transfer, subdomains, FrontPage support, cPanel control panel, Outlook support, free domain name transfer (however, no dedicated IP address), subdomains, online file manager as well as support for ASP, Perl, PHP, SSI , FTP, SSL, Web Statistics, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, and the support of Dream Weaver. Other beneficial add-ons include advanced polls, blogger, photo gallery, accountant and web chat.
Customer Support
Customers can try Lifetime.Hosting Risk Free with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee without asking questions with a 99.9% additional uptime guarantee. Customers who are not completely satisfied receive a full refund by notifying Lifetime.Hosting of their dissatisfaction, regardless of the reasons. In addition, Lifetime.Hosting offers 24 × 7 customer support services to answer user questions and help with technical support. Additional help features include the client area, send ticket, advertisements, server status, domain checker, and network issues. 
While it is very likely that the lifetime hosting plans will be an emerging trend of the future with the many benefits they offer. Lifetime.Hosting realizes that paying a one-time fee for web hosting is not only a cost-effective way of launching and supporting a web presence, but also ensuring that accounts are not terminated due to expired credit cards or notifications from automatic renewal unattended. Perhaps Lifetime.Hosting is certainly the leading way in providing safe and reliable web hosting services at phenomenal value. Create your Lifetime.Hosting account now Click The Banner Below. 

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