Hi there my friend.

Let’s {REALLY} connect and get to know each other soon… it’s so much better that way, but for now, here’s the “Fast and the Furious” version of my amazing story! πŸ˜‰

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I’m a person, just like you. A twist to my life is that I’m someone who decided to “opt out” of the matrix… the dead end jobs and the misery of working to build other people’s dreams…

…and I build my own business by teaching people how to speak their own lifestyle into existence.

I grew up in the Winter Park Fl, south of Orlando (Home of Disney World)…..With my two sisters and twin brother.

Long story short, my core being kept asking me…

“Hey, we won’t be here long in the big scheme of things and life is precious, how do you want to live it and what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind…”

…ever ask yourself that question?

Anyway, that quest led me on a wild journey through corporate America, Retail Store Manager sales, real estate investor, and free enterprise and the immense passion of serving people.

Personal Growth and Free Enterprise. I love that stuff!

I’m a student of how people think and behave. And because I’ve read over 250,000 pages or maybe much more in my life and have always loved the power of the written word…

I combined that with internet free enterprise and the art & science of subconscious marketing and copywriting… and guess what…?

It kinda took off on me.

I’ve built my business from home full time for over 10 years. I teach people what I’ve learned and I love it.

It’s allowed me to build an income while at the same time, being able to spend my time with my personal passions… my (beautiful and brilliant) daughters…

Tiffany a graduate of Depaul University Chicago and Jessica attends St. Petersburg University, I think she will be the doctor in the family.
Anyway… we can talk more about each other’s story (would love to learn about yours) later when we connect “for real”… so… let me ask you…

Have you ever thought if there was “a better way” out there?

If so, check out the Four Percent Group and let me blow your mind with the most powerful daily training you’ve ever seen… click my site link below.